clean present is the key to clean future

WoodLand helps to take care of the planet and earn.

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Download the app and sign up

Everything is very simple and safe. Create a WoodLand account

Open the App
Plant a tree and take a photo

It's very simple, you choose a tree from the list of trees that can be planted in your area. After planting the tree, take a photo and upload it to the APP.

Help the planet and make a profit

Your trees will not only save the planet, but also bring you profit. More trees - more income

We have a lot of cool features
level up your profile by completing missions useful for the planet
You can easily find a location for your trees with smart search
Easily track the level of CO2 cleaned by your tree
And of course, the main feature of our project is to help and earn
Our mission is more global than it seems

WoodLand is a project aimed at reducing the level of CO2 on our planet. It is possible to solve such a global problem only with an integrated approach.

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